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“Being disabled does not mean Un-abled, just Different Abled.” – Noel Helm
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Who We Are
At Family Support Care LLC, we believe that we, together with county boards, individuals and their families, are part of the same team, with the ultimate goal of helping individuals to attain the highest possible level of independence. Our loyal and reliable staff are highly trained to be sensitive to the needs of the individuals we serve. We understand how important it is to create a relationship of trust with the individuals and their families. As a result, we have open lines of communication with upper management at all times. We strive to be proactive in resolving issues before they arise, and we are prompt and supportive in finding solutions.

What We Do
The quality of our services is very important to us. We have a full-time nurse on staff who is always available by phone. Our nurse does on-going training and is certified by the Ohio DODD to provide medication administration training. Our nurse also completes other health-related training to DSPs based on need, and completes delegation of nursing tasks as the need arises. We also have a full-time quality assurance manager who, amongst many duties, perform routine visits to ensure our high standards are maintained.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote independence and improve quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and other healthcare needs. We seek to empower our clients so that they can achieve the highest level of social, physical, mental, and emotional health.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create an inclusive community where people with disabilities are able to thrive and become active members of society. We envision a community where all of its members have access to the quality care and support that they need in order to live healthy, fulfilled lives.

Learn More
Please feel free to contact us if you need further information about our services at 513-795-7299 (office) / 513-348-6214 (emergency).